Introducing LoomVue's Education Version

As part of a Department of Education SBIR grant, we are customizing LoomVue to support English Language Learners in middle and high school. We are working closely with our education evaluation partner WestEd to make sure we meet both student and teacher needs.

Currently, the LoomVue Education version is only available for beta testing. Contact us at if you’re interested in trying it out. We will share information on how to create an account and accept a teacher role when accessing

The following video shows what the LoomVue Education version experience is like for students, as well as some of the features that you will have access to as a teacher.

Research Backed Language Learning

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LoomVue is funded in part by a Department of Education IES SBIR Phase I grant. An external evaluation of LoomVue by WestEd, showed that middle school English Language Learners (ELLs) significantly increased vocabulary knowledge after using LoomVue for just a week. Students reported that LoomVue was “fun” to read with and called the word quizzes “addictive.” Teachers said LoomVue was “what we need right now in our class, in our school.” Teachers found the focus on learning vocabulary critical: “That is my biggest struggle as a teacher, the vocabulary in science can cause a roadblock for ELL students.” They especially liked the Aided Reading Mode, because it “allows for students to choose what they’re really interested in and already have some [reading] support.”


We are committed to help you in your quest to learn a new language by making it as natural, effective, and fun as possible. 

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