How to personalize language difficulty settings

Step 1: Step 1: Open the LoomVue Browser Extension

Step 2: Look in the Vocabulary Learning Mode section. These settings apply when you are reading a website in your native language (i.e., the language you already know). They determine the number and difficulty level of words flipped into your target language (i.e., the language you are learning)

Vocabulary Learning Mode

Step 3: Drag the dots on the line of the difficulty range to the positions you want.  Words that are flipped will be from within the range of the two dots. 1 is beginner words, and 10 is expert words. Some recommended settings include:

  • 1-4 (left dot set to 1, right dot set to 4) for total beginners
  • 3-6 for intermediate beginners
  • 5-8 for intermediate learners
  • 7-10 for advanced learners

Step 4: Adjust the Percent of flipped words by moving the dot to the percent you would like. Higher numbers will flip more words on a page.


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