LoomVue is a better way to build language assignments

Providing new & better language-ability insights with timed questions, language-specific question items, and a streamlined user experience

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Review and deploy assignments

Question with images as options
Audio free response question
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Designed for testing language skills

Gain new insights by testing across speaking, reading, writing, and listening domains—all in one platform

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Enhanced with multimedia

Add images, audio, and video to question items and solicit them in students’ responses as well

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Timed questions

Finally! The ability to time any element in your assessments—questions, student responses, text passages, pages, or full assessments

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Build quickly with an intuitive workflow

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No need to remember a password

Students are emailed a code that will allow them to access assignments without having to remember an account password

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Preview assignments

Preview what the students will see when they take the assessment or assignment to verify your desired layout and structure

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Track progress to drive instruction

Screenshots of grading and feedback features
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Grade & provide feedback

Easily access all of a student’s submitted attempts and input feedback question by question

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Easily export results

Download report to an Excel or CSV file for sharing and analysis

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Create custom rubrics

coming soon

Analyze student progress across custom rubrics to track student progress and ensure teaching meets student needs

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Placement testing

Gather key insights about your students so that you can meet them where they are

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Formative & summative exams

Check on the progress of a student or
evaluate their language abilities at the end of a course

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Assignments & tasks

LoomVue enables the easy creation and
deployment of daily coursework

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Ensure your students are ready for their
TOEFL exam by easily creating and
deploying practice tests


We are committed to supporting you in your mission to teach language learners by making customizable assessments as effective and easy as possible.

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