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LoomVue works on any PC, Mac, or Linux computer running the Chrome browser that can be downloaded for free. Other desktop browsers such as Safari and Firefox do not yet run LoomVue. Mobile browsers (including Google Chrome Mobile) do not yet support browser extensions. However, the LoomVue App is mobile-friendly, so you can study the words you have favorited at

You need to pin the LoomVue extension to Chrome’s menu bar to show up. See the second part of How to install and pin the LoomVue Chrome Extension.

The free trial allows you to use all of LoomVue’s features for 7 days. It provides as many translations, favorited words, and quiz questions as you’d like to use during the week. We hope you’ll come to love using LoomVue and want to help support new features and improvements by becoming a monthly or annual subscriber once you have had the full experience.

LoomVue is designed to work with any website you visit. However, it won’t work on some types of web content, such as pdf files, text inside of images, or websites that use conflicting front-end designs. If you see a website that LoomVue is not working on, please report the error so we can fix it!

Yes. You can turn loomvue on and off altogether or for specific sites as described here. If you turn LoomVue off for a certain site, then LoomVue will remember to keep it off on that site, until you turn it on with the switch.

Vocabulary Learning Mode helps you learn new vocabulary words in a target language when you are reading websites in your native language. You can turn it on or off and adjust the difficulty range of words that are flipped into your target language as described here

Aided Reading Mode helps you understand texts in a target language, even before you have the vocabulary to understand it. It does this by flipping difficult words back into your native language. You can turn it on or off and adjust the level of help (i.e., number of words flipped back into your native language) as described here.

Yes! Open the Browser Extension, go to the Appearance tab and choose the settings you want as described here. You can make the words underlined, change the color of the words or the background, make them italics, or even remove styling. 

LoomVue has a list of over 25,000 words ranked by difficulty level. You can adjust the Difficulty Range that the words are chosen from by using the double slider in the Browser Extension as described here. If you want easier words, set the left slider to 1 (all the way to the left) and the right slider to, say 3. If you want harder words, set the left slider to, say 7, and the right slider to 10. Or any other range that you want to use.

Open the Browser Extension. If you are reading a page in your native language, you can adjust the Percent of Words Flipped slider in the Vocabulary Learning Mode section as described here. If you are reading a page in your target language, you can adjust the Level of Help slider in the Aided Reading Mode section as described here.

We accept all major credit cards.

Yes! A large body of academic literature suggests that using a diglot weave is an effective way of learning vocabulary. We are currently working with WestEd, an education research company, to assess the impact of LoomVue on increasing vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading enjoyment as part of a Department of Education grant. 

A diglot weave is the technical name for blending (i.e., weaving) two languages together. “di” means two and “glot” means language. See this blog article for more details of what a diglot weave is and how it can help you learn new vocabulary.

Please contact us at or text us at +1-801-369-2393 (texting charges may apply). We will schedule a time to show you our educational version and discuss our discounted educational pricing.

You are free to cancel at anytime. If you cancel in the middle of a month (or year), you will have the option of finishing out the month (or year) or ending immediately. If you end immediately, you will only pay for the portion of the month (or year) that you have used. We would love to hear from you at about your reasons for leaving so we can improve the experience.

Please report it by clicking on the report a problem icon in the tooltip as described here. You can tell use what the correct translation is if you know it. Otherwise, you can just report the error.

We would LOVE to hear your feedback on LoomVue! The only way we can improve it is to hear from our users. Please contact us at or text us as +1-801-369-2393 (texting charges may apply). Or submit information in the Browser Extension feedback section as described here.


We are committed to help you in your quest to learn a new language by making it as natural, effective, and fun as possible. 

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