Build foreign language vocabulary through reading

LoomVue helps students build and maintain vocabulary by providing integrated translations directly into class readings.

Middle-grade students in classroom
Assigned Words - Spanish

Create content and assign words

Teachers can input any text needed for their class—⁠⁠⁠ textbook excerpts, news articles, short stories—and select assigned words for students to study.

Encourage student choice of vocab

LoomVue enables students to take ownership of their reading through the Saved Words feature, allowing students to select their own additonal words to study.

Example of tooltip in reading
Typing quiz question marked correct for 100 points

Study words and track progress

Assigned Words and Saved Words are both automatically made available as quiz questions and flashcards. Students and teachers can view which words are unfamiliar or learned.

Available Language Pairs

Students can study to and from any of these language pairs. More languages coming soon.

Spain and English Flag
Spanish & English
French & English
Italian & English

AI Translation

LoomVue examines full sentences to make sure it knows the right meaning of each word before translation. It uses a custom state-of-the-art machine translation and word alignment engine.

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Students can adjust the level of translation help and choose the visual look of words available for translation.


We are committed to help you in your quest to support your students learning a new language by making it as natural, effective, and fun as possible.

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