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Building for language teachers like you.

At LoomVue, we are deeply familiar with the challenging nature of learning a foreign language. Having extensively studied foreign languages, taught foreign languages, and lived overseas fully immersed in those languages, we have found that language learning is unlike any other field of study. To achieve a high level of fluency, a student must gain an intuitive sense of a how a language works.

Just as mastering a language is very different than mastering another field of study, assessing language ability should be different than assessing other categories of learning.

When assessing a student’s language abilities, teachers, instructors, and aids have historically been forced to use generic tools that don’t provide the functionality needed, or complex tools that are expensive and difficult to use. This makes it challenging for teachers to gather the most important insights that are needed to guide student instruction.

LoomVue was created by language learners for language learners and it is our commitment to enable you to create effective language learning assessments with ease, resulting in a better future for your students.

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Our Manifesto

At LoomVue, we’re on a mission to create a better future for language-learning individuals and communities by building great tools for those who need them the most.


Building a language-learning assessment creation tool has allowed us to put language learning students and teachers at the center of our product development.


The result? New and better language-ability insights that enable teachers to more quickly and effectively meet students where they are and address their individual needs.


Stop using generic assessment creation tools, and start using LoomVue—a tool that was made for you!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or complaints please reach out to us


We are committed to supporting you in your mission to teach language learners by making customizable assessments as effective and easy as possible.

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