Leveling the playing field for English Language Learners

LoomVue helps English Learners understand texts and learn academic vocabulary by providing in-context translations for the hardest words of the text.

Tablet with example of LoomVue reader and word showing tooltip translation of the word "example"
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More even ground, in any classroom

Let LoomVue worry about speaking the native languages of your students, even when you can’t. LoomVue automatically transforms your English text—from online science articles to history book excerpts and more—into a dynamic reading experience that allows students to take advantage of the power of translanguaging.

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Increase classroom equity

LoomVue’s translations and recorded audio are integrated into readings, reducing the frustration and workload of English learners.

Improve teacher collaboration

Teachers, ESL leads, and administrators can view student data to quickly see what vocabulary needs attention and how much time has been spent reading.

Tablet with teacher dashboard showing student data and recently saved words
Phone showing formatting settings and Level of Help settings

Include every student

LoomVue’s Level of Help setting customizes the amount of translated words available, providing an appropriate level of language support for each student that aids in compliance for equitable instruction.

Closing the language achievement gap

LoomVue is primarily designed for English Language Learners in middle and high schools who struggle with academic vocabulary and reading comprehension. 

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LoomVue makes it easier for students and teachers to accomplish their learning objectives by creating more even ground for students of diverse language and literacy backgrounds. 

Research-Backed Language Learning

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Department of Education

LoomVue is funded in part by a Department of Education IES SBIR grant. An external evaluation of LoomVue by WestEd, showed that middle school English Language Learners (ELLs) significantly increased vocabulary knowledge after using LoomVue for just a week. Students reported that LoomVue was “fun” to read with and called the word quizzes “addictive.” Teachers said LoomVue was “what we need right now in our class, in our school.” Teachers found the focus on learning vocabulary critical: “That is my biggest struggle as a teacher, the vocabulary in science can cause a roadblock for ELL students.” They especially liked the Aided Reading Mode, because it “allows for students to choose what they’re really interested in and already have some [reading] support.”


We are committed to help you in your quest to support your students learning a new language by making it as natural, effective, and fun as possible.

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